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Norfilms is an independent British film and television production company based in Stockport, Cheshire, UK, dedicated: to supporting and raising the professional skills of the independent film sector; to independent film production for worldwide entertainment; changing the world. . You can share in this by supporting and enjoying Norfilms’ work.

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NOTICE: Sunday, 7th, February, 2021.
As part of the latest site upgrade and in preparation for the launch of the Grey Wolf project Michael has moved the home domain,, to new servers. You may have been visiting the site through earlier page links using the and you have found these are no longer working. Sorry for that but Michael wants things a little neater for today. All the pages are still here and waiting for your enjoyment, it’s just that henceforth you will find them directly through It will get more fun when Michael completes all the sub-domain assignments over the next few months. You read it here first. Welcome to the new/old site.

Reviews & Rants

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Have you ever wanted to rant about how really disappointed you were about a movie?  Me Too!

Latest Review: Love Lies Bleeding, Fall Guy, Abigail, Civil War, Monkey Man, Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Dune: Part Two and many more to-come.

– May 2024

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This Year’s REVIEWS


A dramatic adventure thriller set in the remote frozen Alaskan Arctic Circle from Michael Bond.
Learn about the Aurora Trilogy and enjoy the draft script now.

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Rattlesnakes of Mars

The latest science fiction story from Michael Bond and one day possibly to be a great movie.
Learn about it and buy your own copy online now.

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Dune v. Star Wars

How does the enormous popularity and income of Star Wars compare with the earlier source?  Most cinema fans won’t know about the comparison between Start Wars and the literary Dune Saga, but the former owns most of its originality to the latter. Learn more and see which scores the highest in this totally-biases article.

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The Scores


Image of Predator for Predator Hunt speculative script by Michael Bond.

Predator Hunt – Speculative Working Project

2014, and with a lot of talk about a new Predator film I thought I’d pitch my own ideas for a reboot series.  I will try to draft a rough script and upload samples for you in the next few weeks or months when I have time spare.

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Article: Supergirl Pilot – Oh god, oh, god, oh god, this is soooo wrong.

The pilot episode for the Supergirl TV show was released several months’ early and it does not look good.

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The Article


How to Kill a Godzilla - poster

Something for the Weekend: Killing A Godzilla

Are you concerned about a big Japanese-American monster trampling over your city?  Then follow the advice in this handy guide to dealing with your monster pest problem.

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Killing A Godzilla Now


Woodland, film project about UFO CLose Encounters by Michael Bond

Based on UFO/Alien abduction reports from the 1960s through to the 1980s, this is an in-depth exploration of the experience through the eyes of one woman and her journey of discovery.
A dramatic contemporary science fiction/thriller. 

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A spaceship heads deep into the sun's corona.

Did you even watch a film and feel you could have written something better? Well, that’s what happened Easter 2007 with the release of the movie “Sunshine”.  On watching it I felt it was such an insult to the audience that I decided, same day, to write my own, better script:  “Solar Flare”.

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Contacting Michael Bond & Norfilms
If you want to contact Norfilms or Michael and discuss current plans or projects or follow up from previous contacts then here’s some helpful advice.
For several years Michael has been working on concept designs in the car industry, to create a new high performance luxury supercar, the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank, inspired by the Batmobile from the Dark Knight films.  This is intended to feed back into Norfilms with money for all future production.

Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

If you do leave a message here then Michael will get back to you but it may take a long time.

You can learn more about the Rumbler and related activity at : Rumbler Cars –