The Rattlesnakes of Mars

Date: Tuesday, 26th of August, 2019

Across the burning cold red desolation of Mars two men face a desperate race to avert disaster.

Based on the short story “The Rattlesnakes of Mars” by Michael Bond, founder of Norfilms, the dramatic action takes you on a thrilling ride across the red surface of Mars as two men must avert disaster by monsters that have arisen from deep underground.

Bringing high-end scientific and technical expertise to the creation of a dramatic story, Michael has created a story that embodies the wonder and drama of space exploration, mankind’s dream of a future on Mars and the perils to-come if we take our most primal nature with us.

Will Mars let us survive and can we evolve to withstand the challenges of new adventure on a new world?

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Enjoy reading “The Rattlesnakes Of Mars” today and perhaps one day Michael can turn it into a major film. With a style similar to the world-hit “The Martian” Rattlesnakes has every chance of becoming the next great adventure film set on Mars. Your support will be instrumental in this so come and buy the story and support Michael’s efforts to get it into production soon.

Get the ebook of “The Rattlesnakes Of Mars” from your favourite eBook distributor, or go here:-

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Both stories will contribute to Michael’s efforts to raise the funds for production in the future, join this mini crowd funding campaign today and enjoy the read.

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