Die Hard for sensible people!

It begins on the remote North Slope of Alaska, and it will end deep in the frozen forest.

It begins with a journey from the Arctic Circle under the Northern Lights, as the crew from a major base in the Arctic board a plane to fly south from a remote Native community. Hijacked and crashed in the tundra, the hijackers and their hostages escape the scene, only to be pursued by a lone man intent on justice.

The first of a trilogy of unique adventures in the far north of Alaska and Canada, Grey Wolf is no common Hollywood movie.

Now read it for yourself and decide whether you want to join the Wolf Pack.

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Grey Wolf is a new adventure script from writer Michael Bond. If you want to learn more and share in the project, as supporter, sponsor or investor then come and learn more about the origins, background and prospects for this exciting adventure.

Origin Story

Learn about the original inspiration for Grey Wolf. It began in 2012 with a film starring Liam Neeson.



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