Reviews & Rants, Films for You?

  1. Plane
    [30/january/2023] Score: 5/10
    If you want a quick take-off to Nonsense Island then this flight is ready and waiting for you to take a break from the nonsense of reality. A “traditional” action-man adventure of generic heroes, silly cast of characters and the usual walking targets of “terrorist/freedom fighters” to blow away with an endless supply of guns and ammo.
    Yes, children, they still make them like the good old days.
    Verdict: Ho-kum to see this if you’re really bored.
  2. Unwelcome
    [27/january/2023] Score: 7/10
    A bit rough around the edges for something that begins like a typical middle-class nightmare of vicious neighbours in the modern urban environment, then turns in to a wry little trip to a remote Irish village and remote Irish cottage with a few of the less friendly “wee people” living at the bottom of the garden. And then all Hell and Demonic Goblins breaks loose until a final revelation.
    Verdict: Gobblin it up.