The Poodle Chronicles

Friday the 23rd of September, 2022.

And there I was early this morning, browsing the latest action movies, thrillers and more that have dropped online for the weekend and I began to scratch my head over why this lot had ever been greenlit compared to my own recent work on Grey Wolf.

Lou, The Enforcer, Section Eight, Dig and more all followed the generic drama/action/thriller/science fiction path trod by so many in the past. Lonely heroes, deep dramatic discoveries about their past lives and tremendous psychological hang-ups to reveal long buried secrets, traumas and other nonsense. I began to realize that if anyone, and his dog, could pitch such twaddle I should have a go at something a little more entertaining in the same vein.

Welcome to The Poodle Chronicles.

  1. Walkies
    (Genre: Thriller)
    On a horrifying path of revenge, one man, alone in the dark night of the city, seeks vengeance for the killing of his pet poodle while out for walkies.
  2. The Poodle Races
    (Genre: Young Adult, Crime, Thriller, Dark Comedy)
    Childhood dreams and ambitions are overtaken by a serial killing nightmare in the suburb of Dumb Hick Town, as a children’s adventure to hold a cart race between teams of poodle owners betting over who’s poodle can win the annual Poodle Cart race up the high street. Now it’s become the centre of a spiralling path of utter destruction when global gambling cartels try to seize control of the result.
  3. Mr Lillikins
    (Genre: Science Fiction Thriller)
    In a post-apocalyptic America, following a devastating global nightmare that has crashed the country back to the dark ages again, one woman, alone with her pet Poodle, Mr Lillikins, must struggle for survival as she makes her away across American to follow clues to survival hidden on the Pacific Crest Trail. Armed only with a machine gun and ten thousand rounds of ammunition and the company of Mr Lillikins she must survive the months of torment as she makes her way to Canada.
  4. Parlour
    (Genre: Romantic Comedy)
    We all know how difficult is it to find True Love in the city and that’s where the story of Rose begins. The Chief Groomer at the city’s premier poodle parlour she takes in impetuous drunken bet with her friends to ask the next man through the door on a date. And then into her life walks Geoff and his three pink poodles. Geoff is gay and has no interest in Rose’s invite, but he loves the challenge of acting as her Fairy Godfather and takes her on a magical flying tour of all the best dating clubs in town. Will they find the ideal soul mate for Rose before midnight tolls and the spell ends?
  5. The Dog & Bitch
    (Genre: Science Fiction, Horror)
    Tapped alone in a large rambling house in the English countryside, science student Jennifer was supposed to look after the professor’s laboratory while he was away at an international convention into AI enhancements for superior human performance. However, one of his experiments, the super-smart Terror Poodle, has managed to open the cage, and the secure door on the laboratory, and the door to the cellar. Now, with a storm raging overhead, as the night ticks by, Jennifer faces the horror of an experiment gone barking mad and out for dinner. The only answer could be to turn herself into a superhuman AI-augmented hyperkiller, but is she that desperate?

All rights reserves, Michael Bond, 2022.

Woof, woof!