MountiesSF Diagramatic artwork

TV Science Fiction Drama Series

“Mounties SF”
Development concept for a Science Fiction

Police Action Drama Series

Dateline: Saturday, 4th, August, 2013.


For any Sci-fi enthusiast who supports the “Hell World” series concept I thought I’d get this out of the way and share the following concept with you.

If “Hell World” works out as well as I expect then you may soon see a new SF TV series alongside that development programme.

If nothing else it gets it off my mind while I focus on “Hell World” for the next few months.

MountiseSF is a space police investigation/conspiracy show inspired by the legendary Royal Canadian Mounted Police and their experiences in dealing with the difficulties of the wild west frontier.  It takes the idea of a “frontier” into space onto new colony worlds and how their colonists would respond to these new environments, opportunities and threats.

Here is a concept for the new frontier to-come.

Join the Mounties on the Space Frontier – Mounties SF.

Download the Prologue Briefing and enjoy the prospect of this series to-come.