Over the decades there have been many remarkably successful TV shows from American that somehow suffered a decline in their later years. Here is a brief discussion about how and why this occurs. ANTPROS.

First impressions and thoughts about the pilot episode for the new Supergirl TV show. It could have been so much better, but inspired new ideas for a better alternative.

The film “Age Of Adaline” offers a whimsical romantic fantasy about a woman tasting immortality, but like so many Hollywood films of this type she eventually has to be brought down to earth. Hollywood can never touch god or anything godlike.

The 48fps High Frame Rate was used and exhibited in the Hobbits at Christmas 2013. Though it promises much for the future it still needs work to overcome visual issues.

Lost Under a Dome – Under The Dome, a new, weird and daft American TV show that made me giggle and turn off within minutes.

Do you ever feel that Hollywood film scripts could be so much better and not treat everyone like idiots or devolve into mindless nonsense? Ever spotted glaring stupidity when the story could have gone in a far better direction. Here are a few thoughts from Norfilms founder Michael Bond to guide future writers in their work.

With their plans for the Digital Society the British government are laying the foundations for a new kind of culture, but is this the best answer to the future of digital media in Britain?