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Every H1 on this page has a strange underline which cannot be resolved.  Revert to the theme developers.

Text has been tested on assorted pages with different text editors, Guttenberg, through to Classic, with no change in the error.  Two different sites show the same problem with the same theme when shown in three browsers.  A third site with a different theme shows no problem, so this appears to be theme-specific rather than WP-specific.  Size of the heading (number of characters) does not appear to have an effect.  Only H1 is effected.  Other pages with a single instance of H1 show the same error.  One page with no page title or H1 instance shows the same error!??


I have identified one aspect of the problem - this issue only arises when there is a Responsive Pro themed sidebar on the page.  When I use templates without a sidebar the issue does not show up.

Similarly when I use sidebars created by other page makers - no problem.

The issue has also been tested with a test site and all plugins deactivated.  No change, problem still occurred.

Another H1, so there!




Test, with BOLD, text for on of the standard news and update boxes.